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Complementary Therapies

The Spa at Leverick Bay offers complementary therapies, such as: Reflexology, Acupuncture, and Yoga.

These therapies are designed to restore and soothe your body and restore your body and spirit to a balanced state.


Specific points on feet and palms are reflexly connected to body organs. By applying pressure, it heals the imbalances within the body. 

30 minutes $55

60 minutes $90


Balances the flow of energy (chi) through the meridians and specific points on the body. Sessions are tailored per your needs.  

One session $50

Package of three sessions $100

Package of seven sessions $200

One to One Yoga

A personalized session - tailor-made to your needs - for improving concentration, peace, agility, pain relief and much more.  

60 minutes $60

Groups add $20 per person

Course of five yoga sessions $220 
Course groups add $75 per person

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